21 November 2016 - 18 February 2017
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Press release


Curated by Patricia Schulte

Exhibition continues through February 18, 2017

Tuesday – Saturday

3PM to 6PM



962 Park Avenue
at 82nd Street
New York City




Mariana Cook’s latest exhibition of photographs is curated by Patricia Schulte, an avid collector of Cook’s work. Schulte envisioned each gallery wall as an extension of her dream home; one wall is dedicated to twenty-seven images of eatables. Another two walls are given to elegant quartets of branches immersed in clouds or sunlight. Seven images meticulously perched side by side on a ledge meditate on the manifestations of roundness in objects from the geometric ring of “Tools - Traveler” to the concentric circles of water, wetness, and metal rim of “Stonemason’s Bucket.” Another five pictures on a separate ledge highlight the delicate structures of flowers and plants.


The fifty-two silver gelatin prints are presented almost exclusively in their smallest size (4 ½ inches square), although Cook prints them in a medium format (15 inches square) and larger (1 meter square) as well. The diminutive size of the photographs on display creates an atmosphere of intimacy that beckons the viewer to peer closer at each image. In doing so, one appreciates gorgeous abstractions like that of “Eggplant,” where the nightshade’s insides seem to spill out in glowing strands, or the intricate web of sinewy branches in pictures like “Tree With Crows and Nests.”


The small stature of Mariana Cook’s prints in this exhibition asks you to entertain a more focused gaze, and that attention is well worth the effort. Each picture offers a chance to escape into the beauty of detail, the dreamland of abstraction, and to find a moment of respite within.


“It is especially consoling when big things are such a mess to remember that there is consolation to be had in small things.” – Kwame Anthony Appiah, philosopher and The Ethicist columnist at The New York Times.