Kettle's Yard Exhibition Tour
Featuring photographs by Mariana Cook
14 February 2022

This tour by curatorial assistant Eliza Spindel showcases Mariana Cook's work currently on display at Ivorypress at Kettle's Yard, University of Cambridge through April 3rd.

Video Courtesy Kettle’s Yard, University of Cambridge.

Sotheby's Panel Discussion
Fortune Favors the Bold: Women Who Rocked the Photographs Market
24 November 2020

Live virtual panel conversation, in collaboration with AIPAD, on female photographers who rocked the photographs market. Featuring Lee Marks, Photography Dealer, Consultant and Founding Member of AIPAD; Denise Bethel, Photographs Consultant, former Chairman of Sotheby's Photographs; and Sondra Gilman, Patron and Photographs Collector. Moderated by Emily Bierman, Vice President, Head of Sotheby's Photographs.

Factum Fetishes
31 July 2019

On the morning of the 1st March, during ARCO 2019, the American photographer and artist Mariana Cook presented her new series at a private viewing hosted by Factum Arte: 13 black-and-white images inspired by the fascinating variety of patterns and textures unintentionally thrust upon the tools and objects in use throughout Factum's workshop, ranging from a painter's vest, cast salt, and a butcher's knife.